Light My Fire...And Dining Room!

For weeks, I've been searching for the perfect chandelier to replace the ugly ceiling fan that is currently hanging (off-center, I might add) over our brand new dining room table. Instead of just going out and buying a new one though, I've been scouring the local thrift stores, Goodwill and Craigslist for a vintage piece de resistance. Sadly, my search has been in vain, and I haven't found that one special chandelier that really butters my toast yet. In the meantime though, I've been drooling over these beauties:

I'm really loving the whole using-an-outdoor-lantern-indoors thing that's hot right now, and apparently the folks at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware share my appreciation (see above photos for proof). It fits my style perfectly, which is a combination of French-inspired, cottage, coastal, country and traditional. Mr. S is purely traditional. When I'm decorating though, I don't necessarily choose items that adhere to these styles or any "decorating rules" ( I know, I'm an affront to interior designers everywhere). Honestly, I just like what I like. If I don't absolutely love something though, I don't get it. That's my rule. That and what I like to call the "pretty vs. purposeful" rule: is it something that is purely decorative, or can it function in another way?

However, as my mother once said, an object that is solely decorative still has a purpose (so I can still justify my Target purchases even though I don't have anywhere to put them? Sweet!). I also do a mental scan of our house/floor plan if I find something I like, that way I can "visualize" it in a space before I get it. And boy can I visualize some of these chandeliers hanging over our brand spankin' new table. Maybe Christmas will come early this year? We'll see.

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