Improving Our Home In Layers...Like A Lasagna!

You might be wondering what the heck lasagna has to do with home improvement and decor (or you might just be wondering if I'm nuts, which I am). Let me explain. My research online has led me to many wonderful blogs from other homeowners and DIYers, many of which adhere to the same principle of layering. Also, being first-time homeowners, Mr. S. and I have kind of been doing this whole thing as we go along. Everything from plumbing issues to ripping out our old stairs and replacing them with new ones has been a learning process from start to finish. Some things, such as the cracking stairs, needed to be replaced right away. Other projects-say, the search for a chandelier and painting the front door- are things that can wait a while as time and finances permit. 

Hence the lasagna reference: a lasagna has layers (mmm...lots of cheesy, gooey layers. Note to self: make lasagna for dinner next week!). We don't believe in finishing one room then moving onto the next, so our home improvement projects are completed in "layers". For example, we're painting the office and then the future nursery (third bedroom) and master bedroom. We also just bought a new stove and dishwasher, and we're gearing up for staining the deck in our backyard. Over time, the cosmetics of the home will eventually come together and my husband will no longer have to listen to my list of complaints (maybe). So there you have it. Layers

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