Tackling The To-Do List.

Things are really starting to get done around here. In just a month, we found a new dining room table (one we both loved- go figure!), purchased a new freestanding range and dishwasher, and replaced the damaged hardwood floor planks in our kitchen (with the help of a dear friend). No, we are not independently wealthy, nor did we strike it rich and win the lottery. Though my husband does work hard for the income he provides us with, we are just your average middle-class family living in the 'burbs. We are also careful with our money, and live within our means. That being said, we have been able to tackle these projects all at once because Uncle Sam is footing the bill. With two adult college students living under one roof (read: educational tax credits) and the tax credit we received for first time home buyers, we consider ourselves blessed to be able to improve our lives and our home. 

Although our new appliances and table have yet to be delivered, I thought I'd provide you with some eye candy anyway:

 (Instead of purchasing all six chairs, we decided to just get two "head" chairs. We already have six chairs that are in good-as-new condition. I am painting four of the existing chairs black to provide some modern and sleek interest to the distressed white/oak table. Doing this has also helped keep costs down).

 (Both of the appliances are LG and were on sale at Home Depot when we purchased them, plus we got a rebate!)

Despite everything we are doing or have done, we still have a long way to go! Since Mr. S. still has a year of grad school left and I may be entering grad school in September, we want to get most of the important stuff done this summer. That shouldn't be hard, right? Before you answer, here's what we have to get done before fall:
  • Weed (or de-weed) flower bed and plant new flowers (done)
  • Plant more vegetables in our veggie garden (done)
  • Fix garage door
  • Replace old, ugly and broken interior doors
  • Paint or replace front door
  • Rip up ugly carpeting and replace with hardwood
  • Paint master bedroom, guest room/future nursery, home office (third bedroom-done), family room/finished basement and possibly main floor (kitchen/living room/dining room)
  • Add bead board and crown molding to ceilings in bedrooms and office after painting
  • Replace old, stained carpet in family room with new carpet or hardwood
  • Finish painting furniture projects in garage
  • Power-wash exterior siding
  • Paint shutters and garage door (or replace garage door)
  • Purchase new couch and loveseats for living room and family room
  • Purchase bar stools
  • Replace all light fixtures!
  • Hem and hang new DIY curtains in living room, master bedroom and office
  • Purchase bamboo blinds for living room, office and master bedroom
  • Remove bi-fold closet doors in hallway and office (done)
  • Add shelving units, drawers and new hangers to master bedroom and office closets
  • Purchase/DIY shelves and bookcases for storage and displaying
  • Purchase nightstands and lamps for master bedroom
  • Purchase area rug for living room
  • Replace old ceiling fan with new chandelier/pendant light for dining area
  • Power-wash back deck and fence (done); paint/stain deck and add new stairs
  • Purchase outdoor furniture for deck

I am exhausted from just typing that list. Like I said, we have a truckload of projects to tackle before September. Graduate school and full-time jobs are not exactly conducive to a Do-It-Yourself household such as ours. Cross your fingers for us!


Kara Meisch said...

Wow! That is quite a list! Love the new dining table.

Elle and Brandon said...

Thanks Kara! Yes, the list is long, but I am confident we will get most of it done (crossing fingers!). XO!