Goodbye Green Monster, Hello Beachy Beauty!

After weeks of trying trying to sell our GINORMOUS love seat and sofa on Craigslist, Lady Luck finally smiled upon us and blessed us with a young to-be-wed couple (plus a friend) looking to save a few smackeroos on furniture before their big day- they even hauled it out of here themselves (one guy and two gals, thank-you-very-much). The very next day, we found ourselves shopping for new furniture, and luckily I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for in terms of comfort and style (Mr. S. just kind of goes with the flow and I think he'd be happy with any sofa as long as it wasn't made out of steel). 

After hours of browsing, I was about to give up. We found plenty of sofas that we thought were nice enough, but I just wasn't loving any of them (this goes back to my "if I don't love it, I don't buy it" rule). However, just as I was about to throw in the towel and call it a day, I spotted what I had been searching for in the window of yet another furniture store. I practically tore off Hubby's arm as I pulled him in the direction of the entrance! I'm happy to report that our shopping trip was MEGA successful, and we'll be receiving our new furniture by the end of next week! Yay for scoring great furniture at a great price last minute :) As always, I'll post pics of the real thing once the furniture is delivered, but for now, here's a stock photo:
They're difficult to make out, but there are tan stripes on the sofa which is great for neutral decor such as ours. I'll punch it up with some colorful pillows of course, which drives Mr. S. bonkers!

I love how neutral the color of the sofa is, yet the stripes keep it from being on the boring side. Also, it's firm but comfy enough for movie nights. The real cherry on top for me though was the style- that "slipcovered" look that many of us are familiar with thanks to Pottery Barn. The look definitely fits with my cottage-beachy-country style. I sure as sugar was not about to pay Pottery Barn prices for new furniture though, and I'm very happy with our purchase. 

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