The Beginning of the End?

It's finally happened. We have officially cracked under the pressure of home ownership. We are nuts, loony, loopy, bonkers and ______ (insert another word for "crazy" here). Maybe I should back up a bit. 

Shortly after we moved into our (first) house, we discovered that along with inheriting three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths and a fenced-in yard, we were also the proud new owners of a leaky dishwasher. However, this old, shy dishwasher decided to fully introduce itself only after we signed on the dotted line. Oh, and did I mention that we have hardwood floors in the kitchen? Yes, home ownership is a real paininthebutt  joy. Seriously. It is. 

So, with the water damage graciously bestowed upon us (courtesy of our dishwasher), we came to the conclusion that we need to refinish the hardwood flooring in our kitchen/living room/dining area. The damage is actually fairly minor, and we really hate the idea of ripping up an entire wood floor that is in pretty good shape. So, refinishing it is! 

But why are we bonkers/crazy/totally insane? So glad you asked! Actually, my husband is the crazy one - I'm just along for the ride. I joke, I joke. Anyway, we are "nuts" because we are considering refinishing the flooring ourselves. Yes, sanding, staining, polyurethaning...the whole enchilada! The main reason, of course, comes down to dollars and sense. Although our home owner's insurance covered the damage and gave us the funds to refinish the floors professionally, we are suckers for saving money where we can. Obviously, to the point of insanity. And in case you are wondering, no- we are not in the construction business. We have never done anything like this before, and we have no clue what we are getting ourselves into. Awesome!

But in the spirit of the DIY craze that has hit our nation, we are totally on board for learning this whole home-renovation thing as we go along. We're up for the challenge! Sure, we might lose a few limbs along the way or discover that my husband is not, in fact, "the master of  the circular saw". But, we're in this together... severed limbs and all.


-Keith said...

Um... refinishing your floors shouldn't require a circular saw...

if it suddenly does, clearly there have been no masters present... :-S

Elle and Brandon said...

LOL Keith! It was more of a general reference. I wasn't necessarily saying that we would use a circ saw :-)